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Gee Amanandani Artists
Queen of Sri Lankan Classical Music

The undisputed Sri Lankan nightingale, Nanda Malini, whose voice has crafted a myriad of emotions in the hearts of millions of Sri Lankans around the world for over a half a century, is about to visit London once again to entertain her adoring and loyal fans here in the UK.

With her unmatchable deep voice, she started a new chapter in Sri Lankan female classical music arena, and she is undoubtedly the most talented Sri Lankan female singer, who is often compared with country's greatest musicians like Pandith Amaradeva.

Coming from a rural family of nine in Lewwanduwa in Aluthgama, she moved to Kotahena in Colombo during her adolescent years and was admitted to Sri Gunananda Vidyalaya, where she started learning music under TN Margaret Perera. After winning a poetry contest, she was taken to Radio Ceylon (now Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation) and was asked to sing "Budu Sadu" on Karunaratne Abeysekera's popular programme "Lama Mandapaya". She then gained popularity with the song "Galana Gangaki Jeevithe", which she sang with Narada Disasekara for "Ranmuthu Duwa" film in 1961. For that performance, she was awarded her first ever "Sarasaviya" Award for best female playback singer. Since that, she has gained praise and popularity among Sri Lanka public and has been awarded with total of 11 "Sarasaviya" Awards and 8 Presidential Awards for best singer.

Nanda Malini then continued her further education in music and B Victor Perera, and then studies at College of Fine Arts Heywood (present known as University of Visual & Performing Arts), and Bhathkhande Music Institute as Lucknow, India. Combining her talent and knowledge with experience, she kept on releasing one hit song after another, and captivated the hearts and minds of the country as a whole. Her choice of lyrics depicts a realistic life situations and most intricate subjects like love, human relationships and emotions. The best thing about here music is that those songs are still treasured and loved by her fans, and she has constantly managed to keep her high popularity during her long career.

In 1971, Nanda Malini collaborated with Pandith WD Amaradeva in the "Srawana Aradhana" musical concert. In 1973 she started her own solo concert and after having 530 shows, she ended that series in 1979. In 1981, she started another concert called "Sathyaye Geethaya" and she ended that series too after doing 500 shows in 1984. She then started her next musical concert named "Pavana" in 1978 and during a short space of 18 months; she managed to present 205 shows. After a break of 22 years, she started her newest solo musical concert titled "Shwetha Rathriya" in 2010.

Voice of Contemporary Sri Lankan Classical Music

With a gifted talent and distinct style, Amarasiri Peiris, has mastered the art of using his voice as an instrument and has reached the hearts and minds vast cross section of Sri Lankan music lovers, young and old alike.

Having had the opportunity to associate and learn from non-other than one of the greatest Sri Lankan musicians, Maestro Dr Premasiri Kemadasa, Amarasiri Peiris has become a distinctive and unique singer in the contemporary Sri Lankan music hall of fame. Armed with a gifted talent and voice, he also possesses three great characteristics of a vocalist, i.e. flexibility in voice, vast knowledge of western and north Indian music, and his personality.

Due to his father's involvement with the music, Amarasiri Peiris had the luxury of associating Sri Lankan musical greats like Master Rupasinghe since childhood. But he started his professional musical journey in 1963 with the entrance to the College of Fine Arts Heywood (present known as University of Visual & Performing Arts). After graduation, he joined the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) in 1966 as an instrumentalist, more specifically as a violinist. With his vast talent and knowledge, he then progressed within SLBC and got promoted an "A" grade artist in 1977, head of orchestra in 1977 and then in 1994 he became the Director of Music at SLBC.

He broadened his musical knowledge by mastering native music, North Indian music, Western Music and traditions, including all aspects related to music and fine art. During sixties era Amarasiri Peiris matured as an instrumentalist, with violin and viola as his main instruments. He also took part in instrumental music for almost all the films that were produced during that era.

Acquaintance of the Maestro Kemadasa changed Amarasiri's life forever as a musician. Maestro Kemadasa discovered Amarasiri's vocal talents and encouraged him to become a vocalist. After two decades of career at SLBC, he got an invitation from Maestro Kemadasa to sign the Buddhist devotional song "Budu sihila galala" and thereafter he got a chance to sing "Landune", which helped him to bring his hidden artist into the limelight, along with the fame and fortune.

With that famous hit song, which is being cherished and enjoyed even today by almost all Sri Lankan musical fans, he was convinced that he could do better service to music through singing and he never look back. Since then, even up to today, he produced real gem of songs one after another, to the absolute delight of Sri Lankan musical fans.

Amarasiri's contribution to the Sri Lankan music industry is immense. Whilst at SLBC, he planned and implemented programmes such as "Nava Gee Doratuwa", "Vishwa Sangeethaya" (universal music), "Miyasi Athwela" and "Sambawya Batahira Sangeethaya", which were acclaimed by music lovers and also pioneered in opening doors for large number of blooming new singers, lyrics writers and musicians. With Maestro Kemadasa, he developed operas, symphony orchestras and cantatas. His contributions to Maestro Kemadasa's operas such as "Manasa wila", "Doramadalawa" and "Agni" are invaluable. He now devotes his time to conduct "Community Music Therapy" programmes together with two other partners in the music and medical fields, to address social values through reading mind of people to upgrade their values, cultural relationships and behaviours.

Nanda Malini & Amarasiri Peiris are delighted to announce that they're coming to UK to entertain their beloved fan base here in the UK on the 5th of July at Camden Centre, London. Hence, everyone in the UK has a unique opportunity to witness these great and unique musicians, their talents and their masterpieces performing live on stage. They both have promised to perform their greatest hits at this special concert and give their fans an unforgettable musical experience.

The duo will be backed solely by a finest Sri Lankan orchestra, which consists of instrumentalists of high calibre like Nihal Kalubowila, Mahendra Pasqual, Priyantha Dassanayaka, Sanath Sathischandra, etc. and is directed by the accomplished musician, Suresh Maliyadde. All musicians will be coming all the way from Sri Lanka solely for this concert to give the audience a unique and unforgettable musical experience. This combination of elite singers and instrumentalists promises a real Sri Lankan classical musical concert, hence tipped as a full-house concert that's not to be missed.

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